Food facts - Cucumbers

Cucumber Nutrition, Selection, Storage and Availability Cucumbers do not contain an abundance of nutrients -- they contain mostly water but do have small amounts of lutein which is essential in eye health.  The two variations of cucumbers -- slicing or fresh -- are popular as a crisp addition to several salads and sandwiches.  Pickling cucumbers' use is implied in their name -- for pickling.  Fresh cucumbers should be 6-9 inches in length, while pickling cucumbers are smaller in size.  Cucumbers should be bright green, firm and rounded, and dull in color.  Once picked, fresh cucumbers should be stored in loose or perforated plastic bags in the refrigerator and used within 2-3 days.  Fresh cucumbers are available in Wisconsin between mid-July through September

Cucumber extras Did you ever hear the phrase, "cool as a cucumber"?  Cucumbers get the cool wrap from their cool interior -- you'll find the inside of a cucumber to be 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperatures in the summer heat!  Native to India, cucumbers may be one of the oldest cultivated vegetables.

Information from the Wisconsin Fresh Market Vegetable Growers Association, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection and the University of Wisconsin-Extension.